VISTAchurch is committed to supporting the work of missions in our local community and the world.


 “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation…”  Isaiah 52:




Please note that this ministry is taking place in a closed country so we are unable to share some details such as the family’s full name, exact location, or the full name of the people group with whom they are involved.

For the last 8 years the M Family has lived in East Asia learning language and forming relationships with their target group the KT people. Their passion and goal is to glorify God by planting joy filled, God centered, reproducing churches, among the KT people in Jesus Christ.


The KT’s are an unreached and unengaged people group. Among the million and half KT’s only 0.05% are Christian. The M Family desires to move up to the main KT area (a 12 hour drive from where they currently live) to be able to work and live among these people. Although there are many KT’s living in the Capital City, where the M family currently lives, it would be ideal for them to eventually live in the Jade Tree area where the majority of the KT’s live.


Currently, the government does not allow foreigners to live in the Jade Tree area. This means that as of now there are no missionaries living among these people.  It has become increasingly clear that having a legitimate money making business in the Capital City will be key when seeking permission from the government to open a branch of this business in Jade Tree, which will give them the ability to live there full time.

Ice Cream – a delicious means to a glorious end!

The people of Jade Tree love dairy products! After having the dream for 10 years; two years ago the M Family started an ice cream business that produces and distributes high quality ice cream within the Capital City. Owning and growing this business that employs locals will help them to remain in the country long term and will hopefully allow them to open a branch in the Jade Tree area in the near future.


The financial goal for renovating an apartment in the Jade Tree area was reached and the renovation has been completed. The M’s began renting that apartment this past summer which has allowed them to live  among the KT people half time as they continue to work towards opening a branch within the next 1 – 2 years with the goal of eventually living there full-time.

On-going Financial Support 

The M family still needs about $500 more in monthly financial support.

Thank you for your Prayers

The M family would like you to know how very thankful they are for your ongoing prayerful support. They are very much aware of how the power of prayer has sustained them and strengthened them for the work in which they have been called.


Missions Ministry 

Missions Ministry Director
Brandon Hoover