Here at vistaYOUTH we are dedicated to teaching God’s Word to the students that God brings into our group. Our goal is to teach directly from the Bible, we want to do this in a way that is relatable and engages students, but also convicts, encourages, and relays the truth God intended. We strive to build up the students and push them to strive further in their faith. We do this through teaching on Sundays and through events that support them to act as Disciples of Christ.


Because of this, we understand the importance of fun events to bring the students into fellowship with each other, and to draw new students in, however our main focus will be on teaching and discipling students. We will do exciting events as well as events that focus on serving in our community around us.


We firmly believe that much of a student’s growth is encouraged in the home and in their environment they encounter on a day to day basis. Because of this we support and ask for parent involvement in the Youth Group through many of our community outreach programs in which we will request parents to attend if they desire. We also want to be in communication with the parents and keep them up to date on what we are doing, and what we are teaching on.


vistaYOUTH meets the first Sunday of each month in the main auditorium with the adults for worship and teaching.  Then the following Sunday mornings we meet in the youth area for an exciting teaching from one of our youth directors. The final Sunday of the month we have a special gym day with a brief time of small groups followed by fun activities!


VISTAchurch knows that our youth is our future. It’s an honor to help guide them on their spiritual journey.



We encourage everyone to bring their Bibles. God calls for us to dive into the word, and we want to do that together. Most of us carry arround a Bible in our pocket every day without thinking. Feel free to pull out your smart phones and open up your Bible on whatever app you wish. Let's read together.


Youth Ministry 

Youth Director

Dre' Arceneaux